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Download accommodation price list - New Year 2023 (30.12.2022 - 07.01.2023)

What is the recreation center "Zaimka Lesnika" like, what opportunities does it have for settling in and what rooms can it offer you?

Here, surrounded by a pine forest, on a hill and, moreover, not far from the main resort part, there are luxurious two-story houses made of natural wood. If you want to rent a house in Belokurikha or a cottage, without treatment, which is offered by the resort's sanatoriums, but simply, having arrived for a day or more, take a walk around the local district, breathe fresh air, visit places of power, then book a room exactly at Lesnik's Zaimka - great idea! After all, our recreation center is a real hotel offering seven rooms on two floors, which are located in four houses. Each of them has an area of ​​a small residential apartment - from 38 to 45 square meters. m. You will also be pleased with the comfort of the internal space of accommodation places, and the prices for them. Each room is equipped with a separate entrance, so that no one will disturb you from enjoying the splendor and silence of the Altai foothills, and rest in Belokurikha will be remembered for a long time and only positive moments.